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David J. Pollay

Hi Melanie,

That’s awesome! And I love your positive triggers (especially since I am writing from South Florida)! Good for you for filling your day with so many positive triggers. Your daughter sure is benefiting from your love and fun. I can just imagine your daughter’s face when she saw her car when she came home! Congrats Melanie on this big milestone!

Best to you,



David-my triggers today as my daughter turns 18 and the snow is still out my office window are hanging 2 nine ft palm trees near my desk, painting the windows of her car and piling lots of balloons inside-bittersweet to be sure but oh so fun....Melanie

David J. Pollay

Thanks Lil for the great post!

And good for you for thinking of what makes you feel great when life is good, and when it sets you off course. Your granddaughters are so fortunate to have you in their lives!

Best to you,


David J. Pollay

Hi Abby,

Thank you for your post Abby. Think how wonderful it is that your family is your positive trigger! I know how lucky your family must feel! And good for you for applying the strategy to letting the Garbage Trucks pass you by!

Best to you,



Sticker Story -- how terrific!

When I think of my granddaughters, my heart is filled with love. I carry their pictures with me always; they are my triggers. Thanks for reminding me of how little it takes to bring joy to oneself, and thereby, to others.
Thanks David. Lil


What a great strategy to take when you are unfortunately around someone who is not so pleasant! My positive trigger is my family. When I run into garbage trucks, I say a blessing to myself of how grateful I am that I have a loving, open family.

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