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David J. Pollay

Hi Missi!

I’m glad you stumbled across us. And I love the reminder about cats. What an inspiring image for us all to remember. A difficult time may come, but we will still land on our feet when it does.

Thanks for sharing!

Best to you,

David J. Pollay

Hi Lil!

Good for your family member! And how great that you observed it and appreciated it!

Best to you,

David J. Pollay

Hi Tamara,

How wonderful that you have people in your life that love you so much. Simply knowing that is a positive trigger. And then talking to them is really special.

And both you and Dey are so right about how difficult times do come, but they are only temporary. Your example is wonderful.

Best to you,

David J. Pollay


What a beautiful post. And what a wonderful collection of memories you have represented in your jar. Your rocks sure are a positive trigger, and your use of them is awesome.

Best to you,



Hi David

Wonderful post. Im glad I stumbled across it in my travels thismorning. At my worst moments I just remember that pussycats always land on their feet. It just helps remind me that its only be a matter of time dealing with things before everything will be ok again

Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

I know that whatever happens in my life has blessings that come out of those experiences. When something bad happens, I always look for the blessing. The blessing is my gift from God that makes the pain and suffering easier to handle.


Good Morning David,

I really like what "Dey" said in his post, "...it makes the road a road, not a destination..."
When I am in that painful place, it feels like I will always be there or that I have never left it which luckily does not happen often. I call my support people who remind me that I've been there before and it will not be forever. That's all it takes to get me thinking and then taking action towards something positive. Thanks as always for your stories.


Hi David...

I guess I am blessed. I have had the opportunity to visit 68 countries (actually today we can count 71 since some of them have split after I visited them).

In each trip I pick a small rock from a special moment. I do not have the 68, but I have more than 50... I have them in a glass jar.

When I need to cheer myself up. I take the jar and move it to produce sound. It takes me to so many places and once. In that very instant I remember my life has been defnitely blessed and like by magic, I do start to feel better. That does not mean that I forget what is happening to me, it does not make me less hurt, or sad. It just focus me that whatever is happening is temporary. It makes the road a road, not a destination in the feelings I am having at that time.

I guess these are my possitive triggers... My rocks.

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