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David J. Pollay

Hi Lil!

Thanks so much! And you sure have some great positive triggers to start your day! That's awesome!

Best to you,



What a great story David. How adorable are your two little girls!! I have more than one trigger. The first thing in the morning I see my husband's loving note, the glorious sun, and my beautiful garden. Thanks for the inspiration. Lil

David J. Pollay

Hi Sharon!

Thanks so much for your support! I enjoyed my interview with Kate; she is very talented. Here’s her bio: https://www.katebohnerproductions.com/about.php

And Sharon, I sure am glad my “Sticker Story” resonates with you. It has helped me a lot! And I look forward to hearing about your “positive triggers!”

Thanks again!

Best to you,


Sharon Chien

Dear David,

Congratulations for being interviewed by this programs!
I feel really happy for you since you're
spreading your positive impacts to help
more people in the world.
I really liked this story when you told
us during the International Congress in Poland.
And i think i will try to find more
happiness triggers which will keep my
days always bright!:)

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