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David J. Pollay

Hi Lil,

Your daily narration of gratitude is great, and clearly serves you well. Thanks for the note about my parents; they are incredible people.




Wow David! You had me in suspense. What a great story about your parents; I bet that they are really touched by your memory of them on stage. I have learned from your essay that I must turn my negative narrative into a positive; it is so easy to slide into the negative. It helps to say what I am grateful for every morning; I thank you for this meaningful message. Lil

David J. Pollay

Hi Joan,

Good to hear from you! Great point about taking care of you in addition to the great care you give your clients. I can tell you are a thoughtful coach.

All the best,


Joan Young

Thank you for this inspiration. I find that as a teacher/coach I seem to narrate others much more positively and enthusiastically than I narrate myself. It's time for me to shed those limiting self comments and fully "set the stage" for myself on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing this inspiring analogy.

David J. Pollay

Hi Flora,

Thanks, Flora.

I'm sending my best to you.


Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.


I love this story about your parents to support your Law of the Narrator concept. I needed this reminder right now.


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