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David J. Pollay

Hi Imran,

Great to hear from you! And congratulations on following your passion. I took a look at both businesses; they look great! Keep me posted on your many successes to come.

Best to you,


Mohamad Imran

Hi David,

I met you first in Poland in 2006 at the AIESEC International Congress. Your warmth connected with me and I still remember your story of your kids putting the stickers on your shoes.

Learning from you and watching you grow your business(from afar) remains one of my many inspirations and I have decided to go the route of the entrepreneur as well with my two companies, EntrepreneurOne.com and SuccessDialogues.com.

Hope to keep in touch. God Bless!


David J. Pollay

Thanks, Lil for your support!


David J. Pollay

Way to go, Jeff! That's great!



Hi David, What a wonderful story! Starting at 7 years old sure gave you a head start on the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Many thanks, lil

Jeff Davis

I think it is time. Well, actually I've been "out on my own" now for almost a month. So far so good.

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