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David J. Pollay

Hi Juan!

That's what makes you a great leader! It takes more strength to ask for input and advice than it does for us to go it alone!

Great to hear from you, Juan.



Hola David!

I am taking your advise and calling Gabiza this week :)


David J. Pollay

Thanks, Lil for the great post!



I like the skiing metaphor. How often do we sabotage ourselves when things are going too well or too fast. You are right about finding someone who has already skiied that slope. I find that support in my family. In your article you help us to find the courage to ski, and even fly. Thanks David, Lil

David J. Pollay

Hi Flora,

Great point about the important role coaches can play in our lives. Good for you for reaching out to someone who could help you "ski the hill!"

Have a great week!


Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.

You've made me realize why having a good coach is so important. He/she can help you keep the momentum going without freaking out.

Hiring a coach was one of the best investments I ever made.

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