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Hi David, Iam no longer in business, but I can sure apply this strategy to my family and friends. We all like to be recognized for the work we do, and the effort we make to do our tasks each day. By the way, you need to stick your finger an "inch" into the dirt of your plants to test for dryness; ugh! the dirt gets under your fingernail. You are always giving us such wonderful lessons with compassion in all we do. Thanks, lil

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Mike for the post! Your team members are lucky to have you as their manager. Just thinking about how we can better communicate with our team members makes us better managers.

Best to you,

mike pollay

This is so very true. I have found in management that every individual requires a special and unique way of communication. And feedback reguarding successes or setbacks needs to be tailored to the individual. For everyone is unique and special thusly needing to be fed with care and understanding. Thank you David for this reminder that we can take care of the people closest to us, be them employees, friends or family with a little more attention and awareness. I know I can apply this lesson today....and I will.

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