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led downlights

Good point of life!

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Bev. You're a sweetheart. It is challenging, isn't it? We're all lucky to know you.

Hugs, David

Beverly Hughes

Thank you for this post. I read it when I was going down a path of, "yea, but you don't know what I've been through." Well, I'm stil kinda on that path -- wish I had someone to go to go get off -- but this post helps. Again...many thanks...for your wisdom, for your talent, and just for having had the opportunity to know you.

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Lil, for your post. You're so right about opening the door to another's heart. So important in our relationships.

Best to you,


David J. Pollay

Thanks, Mike, for the post. Good point about leadership.

Stay in touch,



Thanks for this excellent article, David. Most of us shy away from exposing our inner selves. We fear our vulnerability will be mistaken for weakness, and that we might lose the respect, love, and strength of our loved ones or colleagues. I like your metaphor of "pulling back the curtain"; putting it to work can lift the weight from one's heart and open the door to anothers. Thanks again. Lil

Mike Osorio

David - Great insights on the power of appropriately expressing one's humanity. Too many leaders either lack the self-confidence to be human, or believe that they must appear invulnerable. It is in their human vulnerability that they find their greatest strength.

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