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video production company

Rehearsal is really important for us to be go in our work..I had so much fun on this post.!!Thanks for sharing it on us.!!God job.!!

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Laura for the post. Your students are lucky to have you. And we all need to heed the advice to rehearse like Tim! It takes effort, but sure is worth it.

Big hugs,


Laura C.

Thanks for this reminder, David! The only homework my students have the week before a presentation is "practice, practice, practice". Your post brought forth for me that there are places in my life that I can take my own advice (and yours!).

David J. Pollay

Good point, BRem, about stress reduction -- not just during the speech, but the days and weeks prior to the event. Great to get your post.

Check out Tim's videos to get a sense of what a speaker looks like after as much preparation as Tim does. It's impressive.

All the best,


Thanks for reminding us of the importance of rehersal. Not only does the practice improve results, the confidence you gain from being prepared can reduce stress. I appreciate the post.

David J. Pollay

Way to go, Kait! Congrats on your presentation! That's awesome...and all the more impressive because you made time to rehearse.

Tim and Adrian would be proud of you.

Big hugs, David


It's funny, I was just thinking earlier today about how much better my presentations are when I rehearse. It seems silly to talk to yourself, and it often seems hard to fit a trial run in but it really helps me to be confident and focused on the main message. Today, after a few rehearsals, I knocked one out of the park! Thanks for a great example on why we should make time to rehearse.


David J. Pollay

Nice to hear from you, Lil. Great point about being a part of the daily routine for singers and performers. Thanks!

And you'll like Tim's books...very practical and good reads.




As a professional singer, practice and rehearsal are important and must be part of a performers daily routine. Tim is a very interesting guy. Thanks for recommending his books. Great post David. Thanks, lil

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Sid, for the post. You'll like Tim's books.

And good point. It's easy to get comfortable when we know there's a screen with our notes behind us. I can tell you that Tim Sanders does not look as his slides when he uses them. Tim always goes mano a mano with his audience. He's at the top for a good reason.

Sid, good to hear from you.

All the best,


David J. Pollay

Good for you, Max. Enjoy!

All the best,


Sid Harris

Great post about Tim Sanders and rehearsing. It's easy to forget how important it is to practice our presentations in the corporate world. Most of us think we're done when our PowerPoint is done.

I'll have to get one of Tim's books. Thanks.


Thanks David. Your column is great. It reminds me that I don't practice enough. Piano is my interest. To the piano I go. Max

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