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David J. Pollay

Thanks, Susan, for the post!

Always good to hear from you. Enjoy the read!

Best, djp


Boy, great timing. I just received a Borders gift card for my birthday and hadn't yet decided what book to buy. Thanks so much for this great recommendation - I'm looking forward to delving in!

David J. Pollay

Hi Marina,

I can see why you want to pursue your art! You're awesome.

I think you'll find this post helpful, Marina.


Read the post and then keep finding a way to pursue your calling!

Stay in touch!


David J. Pollay

Hi Nick,

Great to hear from you! And congratulations to you! That's awesome. Stay in touch, Nick. I know you'll find The Law of the Garbage Truck helpful to you, too.

All the best,



I am an artist at heart... and have been working as an Engineer for all my life since I graduated from College. I am now 58. I got laid off from my job and am trying to convince myself that I can start something new and develop my art career. Maybe... just maybe I don't need to go back as an Engineer. The bad thing here is that I make a lot of money as an engineer and is hard to give up that money for little money in Art.
f : Marina's Watercolors

Nick Grimshawe

Thanks David. Gretchen does serve as a great example and you're right it is difficult...but that is also part of the happiness formula: to grow or growth. And to grow means to do uncomfortable things.In the process of reading Gretchen's book, and a number of interviews I've had the pleasure of listening to... I finally decided I had to make that decision to change. Gulp!


David J. Pollay

Congrats, Melanie, on finishing your exams! Very cool...you have a very full life. And you and Ned really do know about callings. Enjoy Gretchen's book.

Big hugs,

Melanie Crockett

Thanks David for recommending this book. Having just finished finals and getting ready to "read for pleasure" this summer, I'm looking forward to adding Gretchen's book to my reading list! Ned and I know how honoring your call can be such a blessing! Can't wait to read her story!

David J. Pollay

Congrats, Chris, on finishing exams! Whew! And you're right, changing a life path is not easy...but worth doing!

Enjoy Gretchen's books...maybe you'll be a lawyer & writer, too.

Best to you,


As a current law student (just finished first-year exams yesterday!) I can understand how tough it must have been for her to change her path. I'm looking forward to taking a look at her books. Thanks again David. I always enjoy your recommendations.

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Max. Great to hear you already have Gretchen's book. It's no wonder that you do; it's making a big splash on the bestseller list. Enjoy!

Best to you,

David J. Pollay

Good to hear from you, Lil. Thanks for the note. Gretchen does have quite a background. Let me know how the book helps you. I know it will. Have a great night!

Best to you,

David J. Pollay

Thanks, Abigail. Great to hear from you. Enjoy the book!

Best to you,

David J. Pollay

Hi Anne,

Great to hear from you. You'll find Gretchen's book very helpful. Most importantly, you'll see how you can create your own Happiness Project.

All the best,


It's great to know that you recommended a book I just picked up, "The Happiness Project." Gretchen is quite accomplished in so many different areas. The post was great. Thanks David

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