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The Law of the Garbage Truck is coming to help us.

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That wars a very inspirational story, to be honest sometimes I've been like a garbage truck need to dump in order to be feel normal again without realizing others people feeling.

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Sometimes it takes me time to refocus when people disturb my thoughts and feelings. This article gave me some clarity.

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Excellent article on people to take control of their lives. Good read. Thanks.

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This is obviously one of the ways to look at life.


I Agree! Very interesting Law of the garbage truck. Its really great post. Looking forward for a new and unique article soon. Thanks for sharing!

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This blog provides very interesting ideas indeed. We will spread the word about it.

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I'm not easily ruffled when something small happens but, this is really good advice

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I really accord to your view. Garbage collectors should have a law to protect them from abusive management. Thumbs up really!

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Thanks for the your article. This all thinks are really new to me.. you share some interesting information during the trucks low.. i like your article. Thanks.

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This is pretty interesting. I was looking for something but found your blog instead through Bing. I love blogging. Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say hi. I have subscribed to your site and I am looking forward to the updates. Thanks


The law of garbage truck is an ideal philosophy. This is very remarkable because it stresses a strong points view in life.

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I used to always let people get to me and affect my moods. However, the philosophy of the Law of the Garbage Truck makes a lot of sense.

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hi David,
I think you've got a really good post here. I'm a naturally laid-back person so, I'm not easily ruffled when something small happens but, this is really good advice / thinking... My girlfriend could definitely use it. haha

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In this philosophy,i also remember a question that is hard to answer.When something happen to us,people say it's destiny but merely sometimes it's a choice or decision we made why we are on that situation.

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